Canaima: A Place Where Time Stands Still

“Keep close to nature’s heart…and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.” -John Muir


The beauty of Canaima itself went far beyond expectations. The best way I can find to describe it to people is that it is a place that feels somewhat untouched by time. It’s a place where time seems to stands still.

Where the hike to Angel Falls begins

I spent three days there. The days were filled with hikes, boat rides, and glorious waters. The evenings were still and peaceful. The hushed roar of a waterfall could be heard in the distance, and the stars were oh so bright.

Means of travel

I’ve come to find that some of the most brightly painted memories in my mind are those of first moments. They are moments of turning a corner, moments of encounter. In these moments, longing meets reality or, at least, the potential thereof.

Angel Falls from the camp

The moment the boat reached the place in the river where I beheld Angel Falls for the first time, and the moments I hiked through trees until I beheld the waterfall in all of its magnitude, these are some those brightly colored moments.

One of my personal favorites
This is another fantastic waterfall in Canaima. I went behind this roaring wall to get to the spot I was standing at.
This is the top of the waterfall pictured above.
Yet another powerful display
This is the waterfall above as seen from the boat.

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