Far Better Than Mine

His ways are far better than mine.
I have a rebellious heart. More time than I want to admit I’m selfish, prideful, and I want things my way.

VargasVenezuelaWhat patience the Father has for me. As the world awakens outside my window, I am seeking forgiveness once more for attempting to trust my own feeble attempts more than His.

I am reminded of various season in this life of mine this far when things haven’t worked out like I thought they should, or how I wanted them to.

Longings of my heart. Fears held close. Roads that required painful healing to take.

In every ounce of this, He has been so faithful. The directions my heart wanted to take were no match for the worthiness of His ways.

He untangles the chaos of my heart. He breathes freedom over my mind. His whispers His love and breaks through my pride. He commands me to let go and catches me when I do.

I’m a blundering mess, but freedom’s song cannot be subdued.

His ways are far better than mine.

He knows me better than I know myself. Every path He has brought me down, though often cloaked in painful healing, has led to a joy beyond what I am worthy of, healing I was desperately in need of.

I write this because my heart needs to worship with words this morning. I write this because I let Him down. I’m silent when I should speak. I speak when I should be silent. I let His presence be blotted out by my pride.

Still, when I am unworthy, He is.

He is enough. His ways are far better than mine.


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