Twenty Sixteen, So Far

January 2nd: said goodbye to loved ones and boarded my plane in the early evening.IMG_0067

January 3rd: landed in Caracas around seven in the morning. Took a cab, made it home, left my suitcases somewhere between the front door and my bedroom. Ten minutes later I was out for the next four or so hours.

January 4th-5th: the new semester began full swing.

January 31: the front door is wide open. The washing machine churns outside as water steadily drips from the hose connected to it. There’s a soft, almost cool breeze floating in through the door and the window behind me. It still feels like a tropical summer most days, but the mornings and the evenings hold a slight chill. The air has been softer this month. I find it hard to imagine the cold winter weather covering most of the States.

I’ve spent a good part of this month trying to find a rhythm in my teaching, planning, and day to day life. The first part of this month felt somewhat chaotic, but these past couple of weeks are steadier.

Transition continues in my day to day life here. I will say that life here doesn’t feel quite so odd anymore. In some ways, I’m almost comfortable. Almost. There’s always a curve-ball of some sort to keep me on my toes. I hope to devote more time to learning Spanish in the months to come. I wish so much that I had studied it before now. I’m nowhere near conversation level. I’m still at the level of survival, if we can call it that.

My roommate and I did hire a Spanish tutor. We had our first lesson just last week. I couldn’t understand most of what she was saying. Poco a poco.

This semester is already a busy one. As a teacher, I’m learning so, so much. Much to my disappointment, I’m nowhere near perfection. I’m thankful that teaching requires me to be okay with that.

In about a month, some of the students and teachers, myself included, will be traveling to Delta Amacuro to spend a few days with the Warao people. Prayers over the trip and its preparation are very much appreciated.

*I realize that this blog post contains idioms. I’ve also found myself using these in the classroom, only to find that the students and myself are not on the same page. The students are such good sports, and I truly appreciate them.





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