Planes, Pipes, and I Made It

IMG_2764[1]Saturday morning I said goodbye to family and friends at the airport. As I watched houses and trees become smaller and smaller beneath me, my heart struggled with how it should feel. It’s an incredible thing: the way the world looks through the window of an airplane. Life, in all of its joys and sorrows, seems almost simpler somehow.

For all of you who prayed for me as I traveled all day on Saturday, thank you so very much. My flights, all three of them, could not have been smoother. On my flight from Houston to Panama, I sat beside the most kindhearted couple. She had been in the States, away from home, for the past two months. Her husband came to meet her in the States so that they could both fly home together to Panama. When they discovered that I don’t speak Spanish, they spent almost an hour and a half giving me a Spanish lesson.

I arrived in Caracas and made it to the area where ICS Caracas is located at around two in the morning. I can’t unpack my suitcases quite yet because the apartment I will be living in is still undergoing repairs. Until then, I am living with another teacher who has been so gracious as to open her apartment to me.

Unfortunately, the plumbing in her apartment had become somewhat of a problem. Somehow or another the pipes were backed up. Anytime a toilet was flushed or a shower was taken anywhere in the building water would come up through the floors in the bathroom and the kitchen. By last night, it wasn’t just water coming up. Need I say more? You may be relieved to know that the plumbing issue is now resolved. The whole experience was quite comical.

Caracas, by the way, is beautiful in its own unique way. The city is far more sprawled out than I realized. Buildings are draped up and down the mountain in ever direction. There is both concrete and trees everywhere. You feel as if you’re in the city and in the jungle simultaneously. I am both overwhelmed and intrigued.

We walked through a very small part of the city today. Just in case you’re wondering, Caracas has very good hamburgers. I even tried what I think is called Gian Piú: an espresso with Nutella, milk, and granola. We also made a trip to a grocery store.

While it is true that you cannot find everything that you want when you want it, there is plenty of food here. Most of us don’t have cars, so we have to walk or catch a cab to wherever it is we want to go. I guess it goes without saying that things would be a little easier if I could speak Spanish.

I will try to post pictures of the city as soon as I can. Until then, here are a couple of “goodbye” ones.

Goodbyes are never easy.
I am consistently blessed by the friendships in my life.


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